“Play This Game – Mixed Football for Children” Final Event

Mixed Football for Children Final Event

The sport pavilion of Mirandela Secondary School hosted, in the last Saturday, May 14, a mini-competition of football between the students of the Schools: Luciano Cordeiro, Fomento and Convento.

This initiative was part of the programme of activities of the project “Play This Game – Mixed Football for Children”, which aims to promote the practice of mixed football in the context of school sports.

The organisation of the activities of this international project was the responsibility of ADCS Carvalhais, local partner of the project, which, besides the organisation of this competition, was also the entity responsible for implementing with the three schools the criteria for the selection of athletes in each of the local schools. This selection process involved 200 students of both genders and aimed to select 10 children from each of the schools (5 girls and 5 boys). The selection process was applied in each of the schools between October 2021 and April 2022.

In addition to the activities developed in collaboration with the local primary schools, ADCS Carvalhais also organised a seminar for the local community at its headquarters on 12th November 2021, where the topic of mixed football teams in school sports was addressed.