ADCS Carvalhais - Sport, Cultural and Social Association

Created on the 16th of February 1991, the ADCS Carvalhais was born from the initiative of local inhabitants, whose main aim was to promote sportive, cultural and social activities. With the support of the local council authorities and the strong school community, several activities were quickly planned and developed for the community. Since then, various activities were carried out and many people took part in them, for example football and paintball tournaments, mountain biking, local festivities and traditions (“Cantar dos Reis” – Singing to the Kings; balls; cabbage farmers fair); painting workshops; decorative arts and social visits by traditional singing groups.

Social activities

A way to exercise one’s citizenship, social activities lead people to live far beyond from acquaintanceship, allowing them to get out of their comfort zone, letting behind pre-concepts and established ideologies in order to benefit others.

Not only do social projects allow individuals to be aware of their role in society, but they also awake solidarity values inside them.

It’s true that social projects are sometimes considered voluntary work, that is, attitudes from one or more individuals who desire to improve a community’s quality of life. And, obviously, without a financial goal.

Cultural Activities

By promoting these type of activities, our goal is to develop all kinds of cultural events as a manner of acceptance and expression of one’s identity. We intend to make visible, encourage and value local cultural production. We want to reinforce the importance of the economy of culture, the culture as a determining factor of development in the contemporary world and stimulate the diversity of cultural activities carried out in the region.

Sports Activities

We also intend to make people aware of the necessity of having a regular and oriented physical activity, as essential for a healthy life, preventing diseases, increasing self esteem, improving physical and psychological development and promoting affection.